group 1 assignment


Run experiment:  October 10

part 1 assignment

  • Run Experiments from:  Chapters 4 and 28
  • Run Extension Experiment at this link.


  • Photocopies of worksheets for each person in class
  • 10 Sided Die
  • Deck of playing cards

part 2 assignment

  • Reproduce a plot like 4.2 from Holt using the data you collected and analyze what the data tells us.
  • Decisions 0 and 2 test the Allais Paradox; decisions 0 and 5 test the reflection effect.   Calculate, based on the data you collected, what choices were made in each type of game and analyze to determine whether we have evidence of the Allais Paradox and the reflection effect in our data.
  • Determine whether any other decisions from the chapter 28 experiment correspond to the Allais Paradox or Reflection Effect; if so analyze choices and determine whether we see evidence of these regularities there.
  • On the Extension Experiment, report the percentage of each choice made for each decision.
  • Are there any other interesting patterns in the data?  What do you think lies behind your results?