group 3 assignment


  • Run experiment:  October 31

part 1 assignment

  • Run Experiments from:  Chapters 12 and the Extension experiment at this link.
  • It is particularly vital that no participant know who he/she is matched with during the experiment.  Strict anonymity is important.

  • Photocopies of worksheets for each person in class including payoff sheet

part 2 assignment

  • Create a plot similar to Figure 12.1 using data from the Chapter 12 experiment and any other statistics that are helpful for understanding behavior.  How do we interpret the results?  How do they compare to the ones described in the text?
  • Calculate the average amount sent in the Extension game and the average amount returned.   What are average proposer earnings and average responder earnings?  How do these compare to what they would have earned if the proposer sent nothing?   Did the proposer earn more by sending money?  How do the results compare to the ones described in section 13.1?
  • Are there any other interesting patterns in the data? 
  • What do you think lies behind your results?