group 4 assignment


  • Run experiment:  November 7

part 1 assignment

  • Run Experiments from:  Chapter 14
  • After round 3, allow participants to make “speeches” (if they want) to the whole room.
  • Photocopies of worksheets for each person in class including payoff sheet.  Playing cards.
part 2 assignment

  • Make a plot of the average rate at which people submitted red cards (as a fraction of the total number of red cards that could be submitted) in each period (a time series).  Plot a different series in a different color (but on the same plot) for the first payoff rate and for the second payoff rate.  What is the MPCR for the first part of the game and for the second part?   What do these results tell us?   How do the results compare to results from the text?  How effective was allowing participants to make speeches after round 3?
  • Are there any other interesting patterns in the data? 
  • What do you think lies behind your results?