group 6 assignment


  • Run experiment:  October November 28

part 1 assignment

  • Run Experiments related to Chapter 11 using Veconlab at (you will need to register for Veconlab using the subscription in the opening of your book to access the software).  Experiment will be run in the EBEL experimental economics lab.

  • A computer lab (we will be using the EBEL lab in North Hall) and you will need to sign in as an administrator to veconlab to set up the experiment.   It is important that you test your settings and understand the software ahead of time on your own computers or in an on-campus computer lab and are prepared for any contingencies.
part 2 assignment
  • Produce a plot similar to figure 11.1.  Compare to results from chapter 11 and describe what happened in the experiment.

  • Are there any other interesting patterns in the data?  
  • What do you think lies behind your results?