reading, quizzes and experiments
1/3 of grade

This class is built around a set of reading assignments each week.  None of these are optional.  I expect you to have read each of the assigned readings in detail by the quiz date shown on the syllabus.

 Instead of having a midterm, we will have weekly reading quizzes, held on the due date for each of the readings.  These quizzes will involve at least three (but possibly up to five) specific questions about your readings.   At the beginning of class on these days I will show the quiz questions using the overhead projector and you will write down answers on your own piece of paper and turn it in.  You will generally have about five minutes to complete the quiz.

 Most weeks, you will also participate in experiments in class.  Your attendance at and performance in these experiments will be taken into account when calculating your grade for this component of the class.

 It is important to emphasize that because most class dates will include either an experiment or a quiz, you will generally lose points in the course by skipping class.