experimental and behavioral
reading group

We meet weekly during the academic year to do close readings of important papers in experimental/behavioral/theory, present our own research and host brown bag seminars by visitors.

winter 2017

January 17:  What you see is all there is, by Benjamin Enke.

January 24:  Minimax regret and strategic uncertainty, by Ludovic Renou and Karl Schlag.

January 31:  Continue discussion from last week.

February 7:  The Bubble Game:  An Experimental Study of Speculation by Sophie Moinas and Sebastien Pouget.

February 14:  Contingent Preferences and the Sure-Thing Principle:  Revisiting Classic Anomalies in the Laboratory by Ignacio Esponda and Emanuel Vespa.

February 21:  Why Do People Violate No-Trade Theorems?  A Diagnostic Test by Jacopo Magnani and Ryan Oprea.

March 7:  You Owe Me, by Ulrike Malmendier and Klaus Schmidt

March 14:  Managing Self-Confidence, by Markus Mobius, Muriel Niederle, Paul Niehaus and Tanya Rosenblat

March 21:  Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms, by Shengwu Li

fall 2016

September 27: Endogenous Depth of Reasoning, by Larbi Alaoui and Antonio Penta

October 4: Ramon Cobo-Ryes presents.

October 11.: Patrick Holder presents.

October 18: Brianna Halladay presents.

October 25: Lucas Reddinger presents.

November 1: Claudia Zoller presents.

November 8: Luke Lindsay presents.

November 15: Natalia Jiminez presents.

November 29: Sevgi Yuksel presents.

spring 2016

May 23: Corey Lott presents.

May 16: Ted Bergstrom presents.

May 12 @ 3:30 p.m.: Guillaume Frechette (NYU) presents. (Note day of week and time change)

May 2: Sevgi Yuksel presents.

April 25: Alistair Wilson (Pitt) presents.

April 18: Christine Harbring presents.

April 11: Becky Wright presents.

winter 2016

January 18: An Endowment Effect for Risk: Experimental Tests of Stochastic Reference Points, by Charlie Sprenger [Presented by Patrick Holder]

January 25: Ryan Oprea presents work in progress.

February 1: Cognitive ability, character skills, and learning to play equilibrium: A level-k analysis, by David Gill and Victoria Prowse.

February 8:

February 15: Efficient Coordination in Weakest-Link Games, by Reidl, Rohde and Strobel.

February 22: Emanuel Vespa presents work in progress.

February 29: Patrick Holder presents work in progress.

March 7: Andreas Leibbrandt presents his research.

March 14: Daniel Fragiadakis presents his research.

fall 2015

October 1: Gergeley Hajdu presents his research.

October 8: Brianna Sheets presents her research.

October 22: The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior: Evidence from Savings Rates, Health Behaviors, and Retirement Assets by W. Keith Chen. [Presentation by Zack Grossman]

October 29: Daniel Benjamin presenting The Fourth Law of Behavior Genetics at 4 p.m. in Psychology 1314.

November 5: Lucas Reddinger presents his research.

November 12: Patrick Holder presents his research.

November 19: Experimenting with Measurement Error: Techniques with Applications to the Caltech Cohort Study by Gillen, Snowberg and Yariv. [Presentation by Michael Cooper]

December 3: Huy Nguyen presents his research.

spring 2015

April 8: Greg Leo presents his research

April 15: Kuziemko, Buell, Reich and Norton "Last-Place Aversion: Evidence and Redistributive Implications" [Presented by Michael Cooper]

April 22 Georganas, Healy and Weber. "On the Persistence of Strategic Sophistication." [Presentation by Lizi Yu]

April 29: Iansa Ferreira presents her research

May 6: Ilyana Kuziemko, Michael I. Norton, Emmanuel Saez, and Stefanie Stantcheva. "How Elastic are Preferences for Redistribution? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments" [Presented by Lucas Reddinger]

May 13: King King Li, "Asymmetric memory recall of positive and negative events in social interactions." [Presentation by Charlotte Saucet]

May 20: Yoram Halevy, "Ellsberg Revisted: An Experimental Study" [Presentation by Patrick Holder]

May 27: Rachel Croson and Uri Gneezy, "Gender Differences in Preferences." [Presented by Brianna Sheets]

winter 2015

January 12: Banks, Olson and Porter "An experimental analysis of the bandit problem." Economic Theory, 1997.

January 26: Charness and Levin, "When Optimal Choices Feel Wrong." AER, 2005.

February 2: Heinemann, Nagel and Ockenfels, "The Theory of Global Games on Test: Experimental Analysis of Coordination Games with Public and Private Information." Econometrica, 2004.

March 2: Penelope Hernandez presents her research.

fall 2014

October 8: Dal Bo, Pedro "Cooperation under the Shadow of the Future: experimental evidence from infinitely repeated games," American Economic Review, 2005. [Presented by Emanuel Vespa]

October 15: Greg Leo Presents his research.

October 22: Guarnaschelli, McKelvey and Palfrey, "An Experimental Study of Jury Decision Rules" American Political Science Review, 2000.

October 29: Charness, Levine "The Origin of the Winner's Curse: A Laboratory Study," AEJ: Micro, 2009.

November 5: Iansa Melo Ferreira presents her research.

November 12: Ahrash Dianat (George Mason University) presents his research.

November 19: Brianna Sheets presents her research

December 3: Agne Kajackaite (Cologne) and Ann-Kathrin Koessler (Queensland)

December 10: Brianna Sheets and Tom Zimmerfaust present an experiment idea